Yesterday I saw something in the news that horrified me. A local martial art school owner / instructor changed with 2 counts of sexual assault. This causes my stomach to sink to my knees. How does this happen??? Well to me the fact his man was teaching from his home is a warning sign. This is not a professional school but a club run by someone with questionable credentials.

Now this type of thing gives us all a black eye, but parents really do need to do their homework and research a school that is professionally run, clean, safe and in a price range you can afford. If you cannot afford what you are looking for I suggest visiting a community center or consider another activity.

Now as for this man under the laws of our land he is innocent until proven guilty so I will not post his name here. However I wish this was the first time I have heard of this. Below I am leaving you with a 4 minute video we did about 9 years ago to help educate the public and what to look for in a martial art school. Please take time to review this. Feel free to contact my office at 519-551-2228 to ask any questions you may have.