Learn the secrets to reducing stress,

Increasing fitness, focus and self confidence

All while learning to defend yourself in a fun and energetic environment!!!



Adult Students


Is your life full of stress? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Are you tired when you wake-up in the morning? Are you battling weight problems?


Can you find yourself in any of the following checklist?


  • Don't feel confident about yourself?
  • Are you unhappy with your current fitness level?
  • Do you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Do you find it hard to motive yourself?
  • Do you have trouble getting through the day without numerous cups of coffee or energy drinks?


Hello my name is Art Mason. Are you like many people today who can find themselves in one or all of the check boxes above? If you are read on to find out how Karate can help, and in just TWO classes a week! Hard to believe? I know, but I assure you it’s easier to do than you think!


In today’s frantic, high paced world it is getting harder and harder to stay in shape, keep your energy levels up, all the while being constantly pressured by people demanding you keep tight deadlines and are presented by an endless array of hard choices and decisions… and let’s face it, while all of this is going on it can be nearly impossible to eat right!


Here is another check list…Do you fit in any?


• Uncomfortable meeting new people?

• Don’t enjoy new situations that may put you outside of your comfort zone?

• Feel unprepared for any altercations, physical or verbal?


Did you check any boxes again? Don’t worry most people do! These feelings and insecurities are more common than you think!


At my school “Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute” we can help you overcome these common problems, and more! All while… you guessed it! Teaching you how to block, kick and punch! I know what you’re thinking “Yeah right Art! How can you learn all this from kicking and punching?


Here is how we do it, and why it works! Today’s high paced, fast moving world our biggest problem in our adult lives isn’t scheduling, poor exercise habits, proper nutrition or anything like that. While these are definitely huge issues and areas we all need to work on, they all have the same root problem! STRESS!


While in our classes you will learn how to…


• Combat stress in all it’s forms

• Learn to control tempers and turn it into something productive

• Set ROCK SOLID, achievable goals!

• Gain the Confidence and Self-Esteem needed to face any situation


All the while being able to better enjoy your…


• Professional Career

• Time with your family

• Spending time with your hobbies and other recreational activities




Now for some AMAZING NEWS!


I am so confident that you will love our program, feel better, experience less stress, and improve your confidence and focus in all situations I am going to offer you the chance to TEST DRIVE our program for 2 WEEKS absolutely FREE!


That is right, 4 classes in our Windsor School, with expert internationally certified black belt teachers and ZERO cost and NO OBLIGATION to continue.  


That is an incredible $70 value, FREE!


But wait there is more!


If you decide after your 2 Weeks to continue, and I am confident you will! You will receive the following bonuses!

  • A FREE Uniform! That is an additional $50 saving
  • And also a very special discount on our month program for continuing. You will pay $100 per month! Saving an addition $40 over the regular price!
  • PLUS as a special bonus a FREE consultation with Senior Master Riccardo Pappini on the benefits of our program!

Why am I doing this? Because I know what you are going through with the stresses of everyday life and I truly want to see you benefit!

This is a LIMITED time offer and can be discontinued at any moment!

Don't wait a second longer!


To take advantage of this AMAZING offer simply fill out the form below. Unusually within 24 hours my Program Director Kara will call you to arrange to begin your free 2 weeks!


Sound good??? Let's go!!!





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Now if yo just can't wait you can also call 519-551-2228 and tell Kara that Master Art has authorized you to test drive our class for a 2 week free!


I look forward to seeing you in our class!


Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts
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