When I first started my training in the martial arts I was in the Dojo 6 days per week and hour per night. I continued this pace until I reached my Green Belt. After than time I had the great joy of increasing my time to 2 hours per night. I would train with the advanced class and then stay and train will the beginners class. Sunday was the only day of rest.

Today as a school we understand better the dynamics of training. Our adult classes are 75 minutes in length and encourage people to only train 2 times per week. This has proven to be best for student retention and longevity. The benefits of training in the martial arts come with time.

In this day and age even twice per week can be challenging for people. It is not because they don’t want to train. It is because their priorities get mixed up and training is put off. People will give me a million excuses for not being in class. “Sir, I had to do this, or that.” All fine, but essentially all excuses. Sometimes there are good reasons, but this is in the 10% bracket.

Now if you join a gym or health club they really don’t want you to come. They want you to pay. Martial Art training is instruction and the teacher wants you there. You are missed when not in class. But how important is this training? Think back to how you feel at the end of a class. The high you encounter from the endorphins flowing in your body. You have spent time exercising the muscles, heart, lungs and your MIND. You feel great, the best you have felt all day!

Instead often times students can be found on Facebook playing a game, watching TV or some other mindless event. Yet they wonder why they feel so lousy.

The benefits of training in the martial arts come with time.

Martial Arts connects the mind and the body. Most people live only in the mind and have forgotten their body. The only time they feel it is when something has gone wrong. Your health and state of mind are far to important to be ignored.

Yours in the arts,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts
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