Yasmina Testing

Most martial arts people, the ones who truly believe in what they are doing live by a code of ethics. Part of this code is to keep the ego in check and control the temper that is always assassinated with egotism. But that is not always so simple. Ego is part of our survival instinct. We all have one, and we all use it to our advantage everyday. Ego is what gets you out of bed in the morning and allows you to live day to day. But if the ego gets out of control, then problems always follow.

You look at various professional athletes who shoot their months off and end up in trouble for it! Money makes them think they are special and untouchable. They are just people like you and me. By the time they understand the applause is usually long gone. I have a rather large ego and I take it with me out onto the training floor because I must. I have to conduct a class and keep control and discipline of my members. But it is always there?

When I go somewhere to learn, I always leave my ego at the door! Why? Because it is the only way I can learn! So often I see martial arts shooting off about how this is crap and that is a scam without any real research into what they are talking about! I have studied about 5 different arts, in order to add to what I teach to make it more complete. No one system has all the answers, and only controlling your ego will help you find them.

When you look down at your belt what colour do you see? Well after all these years mine just keeps getting whiter!