Top 5 Best Double End Bags [Reviewed]

Are you looking for means to strengthen your boxing skills? Do you already have powerful shots? Then, it’s time to improve accuracy along with speed and timing.

Product NameImageProsPrice
Title Classic Double End BagThe rubber bladder is durable.
Offers good value for money.
Synthetic leather makes it moisture-resistant.
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Ringside Leather BagIts bladder is good at holding air.
Overall durable construction.
Its anchoring points are made up of durable material.
Comes with the required accessories.
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Title Mexican Style Double End BagMade up of high-quality material.
Its long design allows practicing versatile punches.
Sturdy bladders.
Its adjustable cable allows managing its rebound.
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In this article, we are going to review some double end punching bags. These bags are also known as floor-to-ceiling bags.  As the name suggests, these bags are attached to both floor and ceiling. An elastic cord is used for this purpose.

Just like their size and shape, the elasticity of its band is also adjustable. So, this unique bag allows for practicing various punching skills. It helps in improving rhythm, timing, and accuracy. Moreover, it lets fighters throw any type of punch they want.

After sifting through hundreds of products we have compiled the list of best double end punching bags for you.


Best Double End Bags Reviewed

Title Classic Double End Bag

This TITLE Classic bag is suitable for all those people who need some training bag for personal use only. By home use, we don’t mean it is a cheap quality bag. Rather, the company has made it to fulfill the boxer’s training requirements at home.

Its outer shell contains synthetic leather that is capable of providing impressive performance in terms of durability. Also, it comes equipped with a rubber bladder. It is tough and strong.

As opposed to other bladder material latex, it stays inflated for long. Moreover, these materials along with its cords give swift action and rebounding.

Despite having competitive material, the build of this double ended bag makes it suitable for home use only. It is relatively cheaper. Thus, you can acquire this bag at reasonable prices as well.

It comes in 8” size. So, it can be a good option for fighters who want intermediate level training. However, beginners can also try it depending on their skills.


  • The rubber bladder is durable.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Synthetic leather makes it moisture-resistant.


  • Only suitable for home use.

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Ringside Leather Bag

The construction material of its outer shell is genuine leather. So, it refers to, this bag is capable of enduring repetitive aggressive hits without falling apart.

Well, Ringside hasn’t just stopped with making good quality shell material. Rather, its loops also contain genuine leather. They also have triple enforced durable seams. Thus, you can trust this bag’s anchoring points while having vigorous training.

As far as its bladder is concerned, it is made up of latex. It means it is going to be lighter and capable of responding quickly. However, having a latex bladder means you’ll need to re-inflate it frequently.

Ringside just didn’t stop after providing a reliable double-end striking bag. Rather, it took a step farther and delivers a complete accessory to makes its assembly easier for you. Therefore, it also comes equipped with two durable cables along with their hooks.

So, now, all you’ll need to do is arranging mounting points. Ringside has done the remaining task for you. This good quality bag is available in three different sizes.

This fact makes it suitable for different levels of boxers including beginners, intermediate, and experts. So, just identify your skills and mounting points, Ringside will provide everything else for starting your boxing session.


  • Its bladder is good at holding air.
  • Overall durable construction.
  • Its anchoring points are made up of durable material.
  • Comes with the required accessories.


  • Hooks have sharp edges

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TITLE Mexican Style 2-N-1 Double End Bag

Not only that its built is of high quality, its style also varies from the previous one. It is a Mexican Style double end bag. So, it has two balls infused together.

Furthermore, it provides versatility to practice your punch power. As two balls resemble a human upper torso to some extent, you can have better training to deal with a real opponent.

You can practice both high and low hits using this single bag. As far as its rebounding rate is concerned, it is a bit slower. It is because of the larger size that it takes time to bounce back. So, it can also be a good choice to practice heavy strikes but not speed training.

It is constructed using 100% genuine leather. So, it is capable of enduring prolonged intense training sessions. Also, it’s both loops that have triple-reinforced nylon stitching adds more to its durability.

Moreover, its rubber bungee cable and hooks will help you to attach it directly to the ceiling and floor mount. The build quality will ensure the longevity of this training bag. This bag also allows adjusting its cable to manage its recoil as per your requirements.

Regarding bladder, it has two butyl rubber bladders. They are built tough too. However, you might experience some air loss that can be resolved after re-inflating them.


  • Made up of high-quality material.
  • Its long design allows practicing versatile punches.
  • Sturdy bladders.
  • Its adjustable cable allows managing its rebound.


  • Traditional users might not like their bounce.

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RDX Double End Speed Ball

The material of this RDX bag’s outer shell is a bit different from our other reviewed products. It is constructed using durable Maya hide leather. It is premium synthetic leather. So, you can expect it to perform well.

However, to further strengthen this bag, RDX has added the twin textile layer inside. Thus, this product delivers 1.5mm of additional durability.  It also comes equipped with sturdy Nylon straps along with rubber bungee cord.

The good thing about the cord is its adjustability and stretching abilities. It can extend up to 48 inches to provide the required flexibility in all directions. It even allows adjusting it to make it fir for your height and reach.

Moreover, its bladder is unique as it is made up of non-tear rubber. It has the potential to bear ruthless hits without facing shape distortion and gives your bag a stable base.

Besides, mounting this bag is also simple. On purchasing this product, you’ll get a complete package to install it. It contains tough PVC buckle, 4 metal S-rings, and other required fixings. So, RDX frees you from the trouble of finding appropriate accessories.

Its Nylon strap offers ease of use along with stability. However, to make the base of the bag strong, RDX has made use of exclusive V-Gravity technology.

This professional-level bag is capable of responding quickly to your strikes. Its design and style help boxers to improve their accuracy and punching speed.


  • The bag’s surface doesn’t hurt on hitting.
  • Its strong material has the potential to face endless strikes.
  • Adjustable cord.
  • Powerful stitching.


  • It doesn’t come with setup instruction.

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Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

This last product on our list is from Cleto Reyes. Just like other durable punching bags in our list, this one also has an outer shell made up of premium leather.

The material only is enough to tell about its longevity. However, as manufacturing quality also plays its part, Cleto Reyes has ensured it too. The manufacturers have also added tough nylon lining to complement durable construction.

Both these features make its long lifespan a sure thing. This bag comes in a tear-shape. Also, it has a moderate size. Moreover, its 7” size makes it suitable for intermediate players.

Besides, it is considerably lighter in weight. So, you can expect it to have some good swing. Thus, this gear is going to help you attain reflexes and precision.

This bag needs two swivel and elastic bands for its mounting. These accessories won’t come as a part of the package. You’d need to pay for them separately.

However, Cleto Reyes has added no additional bladder with this bag. It will be helpful if you feel the need of replacing the bladder.


  • Strong and durable construction.
  • Helps in improving speed and precision.
  • Its tough nylon lining is going to last for long.


  • It doesn’t come with mounting accessories.

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What Double End Bag Should I Get?

The double end punching bags are available in various sizes. Their sizes have a great impact on their performance and your skills attainment. The large-sized bags are bulkier, and they move rather slowly. Thus, you’ll find them easier to hit.

On the other hand, lighter or smaller bags move swiftly. As they are quick and small, it can be a bit difficult for you to hit them.

So now, if you are a beginner, a larger bag would be fine for you. You can go for a heavier or 9 inches bag. As you start gaining expertise, switching to relatively smaller bags like 7 or 8 inches would be the right choice.

However, for experts, a small bag of size 6 inches can be a perfect option. These lighter bags would help in acquiring speed and accuracy.

Tips on Choosing Double-End Heavy Bag

Here are some of the key factors that you can consider before choosing a double end heavy bag.


There are two different types of double-end bags available. One of them is traditional, and the second is a Mexican style bag.

The traditional bag comes in different sizes. It comprises of a single round or tear-shaped bag. The Mexican style consists of two balls diffused at the center. From the appearance, it looks like a digit 8.

Traditional bags are lighter in weight and helps in speed training. On the other hand, Mexican bags are larger, and they support a variety of punches. So, if you need speed, go for traditional, and if a variation is what you want, Mexican is an option.


You’ll get two types of materials in these bags. One is synthetic and the other is genuine leather. The first material will be rather affordable than the second option. However, the quality of genuine leather would be better.

So, the tip is, just go with your requirements. If a long-lasting bag is what you need, genuine should be your option and vice versa.

However, if moisture resistance and affordability are what you are looking for, synthetic can go well with you.

Cord type

The type of cord also plays an important role in double end bags. The bag you should select must have a strong and flexible cord. Moreover, it should stay flexible for a prolonged time.


The double end bag (or any other punching bag) should have a high-quality bladder. It should be able to provide cushioning to the bag along with preventing frequent air loss.


How can I install a double end punching bag?

Double-end bags are different from others in a way they have hanging cord from both sides. So, you’d need to attach one bungee cord to the ceiling anchor and then to the top of the bag.

Tie the second cord to the anchoring point located on the floor. The other end of this cord will be attached to the lower end of the bag. After making all these adjustments, your bag should be hanging freely in the air.

What are the major benefits of using double end punching bags?

The primary advantage is that it helps in acquiring accuracy and speed. Moreover, it also helps in improving your movement and footwork. It happens when you fight against a fast-moving bag.

You can also use a double end bag as a part of your daily routine workout. It will involve enough movement. Furthermore, as with these bags, you perform the same movements repeatedly, it helps in improving the memory of your muscles.

Can heavy bags and double-end bags be used for the same purpose?

Though both of them are a part of your boxing training, they serve different purposes. As we have previously mentioned, double end bags would improve speed, accuracy, and timing. The heavy bag helps in improving the power of your punch. It will enhance your stamina and hitting strength.


Double-end punching bags can be your great training partner. They can take your boxing skills to the next level. As they have a cord on both sides, they can move swiftly and helps you to attain speed, accuracy, and rhythm.

However, to avail all benefits, you need to choose the best double end bag. What good can your bag do if not performing well? So, you need to be careful before purchasing any bag.

In this post, we have reviewed the top 5 best double end bags. These reviews will help you know what traits your selected bag should have. Once you become successful in getting the right option, no one can stop you from becoming a boxing pro.