Top 5 Best Heavy Bag Stands [Reviewed]

Is your current heavy bag getting the best of your ceiling? Are you looking for a non-invasive solution that won’t damage the integrity of your roof? Then you might be looking for a heavy bag stand.

Product NameImageProsPrice
Yes4All Wall MountStain and rust-resistant.
Can be folded against the wall.
Includes a 360-degree swivel chain.
Useful for all types of training.
8 bolt holes for added security.
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Everlast Heavy Bag StandHighly resistant to water and dust damage.
More portable than wall-mounted stands.
Includes three weight pegs.
Tall height for Muay Thai bags.
Easy to assemble.
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Century CornermanAdjustable height.
Saves space in the room.
Resistant to rusting and dust.
Great for all types of training.
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These stands are designed to be either mounted on the wall or weighed down on the floor. And they provide an adequate platform for you to hone your skills without damaging the ceiling.

But you can only avail of the benefits when you have the best punching bag stand. Which begs the question which heavy bag stand is the best for you?

Read on to find out the right bag stand for your practice session.


Top 5 Best Heavy Bag Stands Reviewed

Yes4all Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

The Yes4All is a wall bracket meant for hanging heavy bags up to 100 lbs. in weight. This heavy bag mount uses powder-coated stainless steel.

Stainless steel is the strongest of all iron derivatives, and the powder coating protects it from rust and corrosion.

Moreover, the Yes4All utilizes 8 bolts when mounting to the wall. This makes it exceptionally reliable and secure. The 8-bolt configuration means that there are minimal noise and vibration even during heavy boxing sessions.

The bracket also features a 360-degree swivel chain. You’ll want to be careful here because some punching bags only have one chain bracket in the center. Ideally, you can switch out the chain with a separate one of your liking.

It comes with all the hardware included. So you won’t be missing anything when the hanger arrives. And the best part is that it can be folded up against the wall to save space and avoid bumping.

One thing you will notice, though is that the wall mount is quite flimsy. You may need to install some additional support to properly set up the bracket. You’ll also notice that, although it’s made to withstand heavyweight, in the long run, there will be some downward bending in the top bar.

But aside from that, this is a great product that’s both durable and functional. The inclusion of a 360-degree swivel chain makes it highly accessible. It’s recommended for use with Muay Thai, MMA, and sparring sessions.


  • Stain and rust-resistant.
  • Can be folded against the wall.
  • Includes a 360-degree swivel chain.
  • Useful for all types of training.
  • 8 bolt holes for added security.


  • Cannot hold up weight for extensive periods.

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Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

If your experience with wall-mounted brackets has been unfavorable, then try the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand. This is a freestanding hanger for your heavy bag that doesn’t rely on the durability of your wall.

Freestanding hangers are great for their portability as well. They can either dragged to some other part of the room or disassembled and then reassembled with ease.

Everlast’s Heavy Bag Stand made from heavy gauge stainless steel that’s been powder coated. A powder coating ensures that this hanger won’t succumb to the elements.

But with a heavier bag, even freestanding hangers can fall over. Which is why the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand features 3 pegs on the legs. You can use these to store weight plates, but it also serves the purpose of adding weight to the base of the stand.

The stand is about 84 inches long, which is about 7 feet. The stand itself cannot be lowered, but if you have an adjustable chain, you can use that. Although even without an adjustable chain, the bag hangs at an optimal height. In fact, taller stands preferred as they can accommodate Muay Thai bags.

However, what you won’t like here is that the stand needs to weigh down using the pegs. It doesn’t screw into the floor or the wall. It is completely freestanding, which means you’ll need to buy weights to weigh it down.

Overall, the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand is a great choice for people with weaker walls. It has everything you would want in a freestanding bag.


  • Highly resistant to water and dust damage.
  • More portable than wall-mounted stands.
  • Includes three weight pegs.
  • Tall height for Muay Thai bags.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Height is not adjustable.
  • Weighted plates are required.

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Century Cornerman

For those looking for an adjustable freestanding bag, the Century Cornerman is an excellent pick. This heavy gauge stainless steel stand bag is adjustable from 72 inches to 102 inches.

This makes it ideal for use with Muay Thai and shorter users. It also means that you don’t have to worry about buying an adjustable chain.

Stability is a running issue with freestanding bags. The Century Cornerman tackles that by incorporating 7.5 feet long legs with PU rubber feet underneath. What’s more, is that the legs outstretched at a right angle to each other. This means that the stand can be placed at the very corner of the room, saving up space.

Two long bars are stretching out from the neck of the Cornerman. These connect to the legs and help distribute the weight of the bag.

This is an ultra-stable heavy bag suspension system. But it has its fair share of flaws. For one thing, it doesn’t have any pegs for placing weights, and neither can you screw it in. This makes it extremely portable, but it sacrifices stability to some extent. Too much momentum can cause it to slip from its position.

Generally speaking, this is a great choice for people who want to save up room space. It’s fully adjustable, save for the length of the legs. If you don’t have a free corner, the hanger can still be placed on any flat surface, given you have enough space.


  • Does not topple over.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Saves space in the room.
  • Resistant to rusting and dust.
  • Great for all types of training.


  • May sway from side to side.

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Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand

The Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand is one of the very few stands optimized for Muay Thai. But what sets such a stand aside from others? Height is a prominent factor here, but weight capacity also comes into play. This Muay Thai stand can hold heavy bags of up to 350 lbs.

You can practice all types of kicks and punches without worrying about stability. This stand has an adjustable height of 7.8 feet and made from heavy gauge stainless steel.

The gap between the central pole and your punching bag makes it optimized for Muay Thai. The gap is about 17 inches wide. It means that your shins won’t come in contact with the pole when kicking the bag.

The legs are relatively short as compared to the neck of the stand. But each of the front two legs has a fillable sandbag for weighing it down. Also, the back leg that lends most of the stability has two sandbags. The bags are unfilled though, so you’ll need to fill them up yourself.

Assembly is also incredibly simple. You need 7 bolts to assemble the parts, all of which come included with the stand. It is quite heavy though, weighing about 140 pounds.

If you don’t indulge in Muay Thai, this is still a good choice. However, it’s too tall for lower ceilings. You’ll need at least an 8-foot ceiling to use the bag with plenty of clearance.


  • Optimized for Muay Thai.
  • Higher weight capacity.
  • Central pole does not interfere with your kicks.
  • Easy assembly with all hardware included.
  • Height is adjustable to some extent.


  • Not recommended for lower ceilings.

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Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand

Finally, we have the Titan Dual Station Boxing Stand. If the name didn’t already give it away, the Titan used to hang both a regular heavy bag and a speed bag. There is a hanging station at the back of the Titan that is for hooking up speed back.

Three rings on the legs let you tether elastic bands or chains to secure the bag from the bottom. This is good for when you want to spar vigorously and don’t want the bag swaying too much.

The Titan Dual Station Stand has designed to handle weights as heavy as 100 lbs. It’s a free-standing hanger that has a fixed height of 80 inches. Each leg has a peg for securing weighted plates.

Assembling and disassembling the product is quite easy. It weighs only 63 lbs., as compared to some that weigh up to 100 lbs. And all the necessary hardware comes included.

Along with that, you get a 4-hook swivel chain with 2 additional karabiners. There is also a black cord for added stability, but it’s entirely optional.

You’ll want to be a bit more mindful about where you place it though. You need clearance at the back as well if you want to use the second station. And unless you can place this in the center of the room, you’ll have to turn it around to use the speedbag. The design could’ve been a bit better thought-out.


  • Includes a speedbag station.
  • Bottom mounting facility
  • Includes hardware and accessories.
  • Great for sparring and MMA.


  • Needs clearance at the back.

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Types of Heavy Bag Stands

There are a couple of different types of heavy bag stands, namely the wall-mount and the freestanding stands.

Wall-mounted stands are great for people who want optimum stability. These are also recommended for speedbags as they provide an adequate amount of clearance. Also, for Muay Thai, a wall-mounted stand won’t interfere with your kicks.

Freestanding stands are recommended if you have weaker walls or a heavier bag. This is especially the case when you have drywall and don’t want to damage it. Some freestanding hangers also have a foam roller for crunches and other exercises. And they can hold more weight as compared to the weight-mounted ones.

Another type of stand is the speedbag hanger. This isn’t different from any other stands, except that it has a mount specifically made for speedbags. This mount is circular and provides enough momentum to the speedbag.

Aside from that, you’ll want to look into the main function of the stand. Some are designed for Muay Thai, while others are only for sparring and boxing. Muay Thai stands are special in that they are taller, have a higher capacity, and give enough room for kicking.


Why Do I Need A Heavy Bag Stand?

People often opt for heavy bag stands when they can’t mount their bags to the ceiling. These stands can either mounted on the wall or weighed down on the floor.

Heavy bag stands designed to withstand the weight of the bag as well as the force of your punches. If your ceiling is too high or too weak, you should consider buying a heavy bag stand.

Should I buy a freestanding or wall-mounted stand?

Freestanding bags are suitable for people whose walls are too weak or damaged. This is especially the case with wood or drywall, or when you’re using it outdoors. However, you should consider that freestanding stands may topple over.

On the other hand, wall-mounted stands are great for clearing up floor space. They can be put anywhere on the wall, and many can be folded too. They don’t topple over, but yes, the mount can come off, or the top bar can bend if overstressed.

What Should I Look For In A Muay Thai Stands?

Muay Thai stands designed to be extra tall, typically 7 to 8 feet in height. They have a higher weight capacity and have enough clearance for kicks. The poles designed to not interfere in your Muay Thai kicks.


Heavy bag stands are the go-to products when our ceiling just isn’t as promising. And with the right heavy bag stand, you can maximize your training sessions. Which is why it’s crucial to only invest in the best heavy bag hangers tuned to your liking.

After going through the heavy bag stand reviews, it becomes clear that the Yes4All Wall-Mount Stand is the best choice. This wall bracket has a high weight capacity and is great for all types of training sessions. Be it Muay Thai, MMA, or general sparring. The Yes for All will hone your skills to the max.