Top 4 Best Pink Punching Bags [For Women]

The female revolution is here. Women’s Muay Thai and boxing have taken the world by storm. And countless women all around the world have begun boxing for weight loss, self-defense, and recreation, which means that even you can indulge in this sport!

Before you get started with boxing, it’s important to know which punching bags are the best for you. Women’s punching bags are lower in height and weight and are easier to get started on.

Product NameImageProsPrice
RDX Women’s Punching BagDurable
Suitable for outdoor use.
It can be anchored to the floor
Includes a pair of RDX gloves
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Everlast CardioblastSuitable for indoor and outdoor use
Easy installation
Good size for women
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Everlast Women's Heavy Bag KitShock-absorbent filling
Tougher and sturdier leather
Includes a pair of gloves and wraps
Hangs at a comfortable height
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We found 4 of the best punching bags made for women. These were chosen based on the type of technology they use and how much value they have.

Take a look at our reviews, and don’t forget to read the buying guide!

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Best Punching Bags For Women Reviewed

RDX Women’s Punching Bag

Lastly, we have the RDX Women’s Punching Bag. This 40-pound training bag pairs world-class technology with a heavy-duty textile filling.

RDX’s punching bags use a zero impact Maya Hide leather cover that can withstand even the toughest of punches. Like most gym equipment, the RDX women’s punching bag is dual-walled. Which means that it is lesser prone to tearing and provides more shock absorption.

One of the most prominent features of the RDX punching bag is the zip-top that allows you to add more filling. So you get a more refined punching experience, tuned to your tastes. It also lets you remove the filling completely and fill it will your desired material.

Another significant feature is the bottom tethered loop. You can secure this loop to the floor to prevent your bag from swaying.

You’ll also find that this punching bag is a great medium for practicing Muay Thai. It is 4 feet in length, which gives you sufficient space for practicing knee kicks and jabs.

Along with the punching bag, you also get a pair of RDX women’s gloves. These are padded with gel-infused foam to absorb as much impact as possible.


  • It is lesser prone to tearing.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.
  • We can replace the filling.
  • It can be anchored to the floor.
  • Includes a pair of RDX gloves.


  • We cannot fill it with air and water.

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Everlast CardioBlast Heavy Bag

For women who want to hone their MMA skills, Everlast CardioBlast is an ideal choice. Filled with compressed cloth, the Everlast 40-pound punching bag comes packed in a weatherproof cover.

This 40-pound women’s pink punching bag has been designed to go light on the knuckles. The exterior does not graze against the hands, and the filling provides a soft rebounding touch.

Installation is minimal. The bag comes pre-filled and includes a chain for you to hang from the ceiling. This bag is about 40 inches in length (approximately 3.33 feet). It gives you an ideal height when you hang it from the ceiling. If your ceiling is too high or you want to use it outdoor, you can use it with the recommended stand.

The Everlast CardioBlast was designed to cater to a wide variety of exercises. Use it to train your punches, free kicks, and knee jabs. One thing you must be wary about, though, is that the Everlast is a bit too firm when you use wraps. It’s suggested to use it with boxing gloves.


  • Made for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Trivial installation and usage.
  • It can be put on a specialized stand.
  • Relatively soft to reduce impact.
  • Good size for women and teenagers.


  • Not comfortable with wraps on.

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MaxxMMA Training & Fitness Bag

Now for a more versatile product, the MaxxMMA is designed for all types of workouts. It’s an empty bag that can be filled with water or air and can be used for 4 different types of training.

This punching bag features a bladder that you can fill up with either air or water. The availability of the filling is what makes the bag more affordable and easier to manage. You’ll still be needing a high-pressure hose to fill the bag up.

Water and air-filled bags are more buoyant, providing a more true-to-life striking experience. It feels just like punching a real human body.

You can use the MaxxMMA in 4 different modes, including Fitness, Uppercut, MMA, and Heavy Bag. You can hang the bag from a rail to practice your uppercuts, or lay it flat on the ground to strengthen your punches.

But perhaps the most important feature that sets the MaxxMMA aside is the adjustability of the weight. You can adjust the weight from 20 pounds up to 120 pounds. It is a neat feature, considering that many people don’t settle on one size. Plus, you can keep on increasing the weight gradually, conditioning your punches even further.


  • Weight can be adjusted.
  • Feels just like hitting a human body.
  • Readily available filling.
  • Made for 4 different kinds of training.
  • For ground and pound exercises, we can use it.


  • Not good for outdoor use.

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Everlast Women’s Heavy Bag Kit

If you’re the type of woman who wants to go all out, then the Everlast 70 lb. heavy bag is the right choice for you. This bag is heavier than the previous one and is a great tool for polishing your skills.

It comes in a durable leather bag with a textile filling inside. The textile mostly consists of natural and synthetic fibers. What this does is that it increases the buoyancy and shock-absorbing nature of the heavy bag.

You don’t get the chain with this, but the straps speak for themselves. They are highly secure and do not break even when you add weights to the double-end loop. And the best part is that you get a pair of boxing gloves as well as wraps included in the bundle!

Unfortunately, even with resilient construction, the bag is not suitable for outdoor use. It’ll get musty pretty fast, and the leather can degenerate in the sun.

With 52 inches of height and a 13.5-inch diameter, the Everlast 70 lb. bag hangs at a comfortable height for strikes and grappling.


  • Shock-absorbent filling.
  • Tougher and sturdier leather.
  • It allows you to add weights at the bottom.
  • Includes a pair of gloves and wraps.
  • Hangs at a comfortable height.


  • Not very weather-resistant.

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How to Choose the Best Heavy Bag for Women?


First and foremost, you need to decide what weight of punching bag you want. A handy rule-of-thumb is to buy a heavy bag that’s half your weight. However, the recommended weight also increases with your height.

It’s always a good idea to get a heavy bag that’s slightly lighter than your recommended weight. So if you weigh 180 pounds, your recommended weight is 90 pounds. But you may find a lighter bag of 70-80 pounds to suffice you, especially if you’re of shorter stature.

Filling Type

It is by far the most confusing choice that people have to make. Fillings for punching bags found in 4 categories: textile, sand, water, and air.

Textile is the most common type of ceiling. Made from shredded fabric and rags. It’s a great way to recycle old clothes. But the material is harder to find. And some bags will use a blend of various fabrics for the optimal effect, which will be harder to replicate.

Sandbags are the second most common type. These are tough and refilled with ease. These bags are the best for training your punches and strengthening your hits.

Water and airbags are preferred since they provide a more true-to-life punching surface. Using these bags feels just like hitting a real human body. The only downside is that they’re not as tough, and can burst if the cover is of low quality.


Deciding on a height that suits your needs is highly crucial. You want the body of the punching bag to hang at shoulder-level. 3-4 feet is normally enough for practicing MMA and honing your punches.

Sometimes, you’ll find that your ceiling is too high, and your punching bag is hanging in an uncomfortable position. In that case, you can try buying a stand or a wall bracket.

If you want to practice Muay Thai or want to train your kicks, then invest in a long heavy bag. We recommend 5-6 feet for practicing kicking and kneeing.

Intended Purpose

Finally, you want to consider the intended purpose of the heavy bag. While you can utilize most bags for an array of exercises, they are more or less limited to just a few.

You can easily find heavy bags that are specifically for MMA or Muay Thai. MMA bags can be removed and laid flat for a “ground and pound” training session. In contrast, Muay Thai bags are taller and provide enough area for practicing your kicks.

If you want to develop agility, invest in a lighter punching bag. These bags are not tough when you strike them, which allows you to focus on your movement and speed.


Is it safe for women to box?

Yes! A countless female fighter all around the globe is inspiring young women to pursue their dreams. But training and punching is a strenuous exercise that you want to be careful with. You should consult with a boxing coach to check if you’re eligible for punching training.

It’s an amazing sport that everyone should indulge in. Boxing helps to improve both health and endurance.

How do I identify pink punching bags for women?

Women’s punching bags are more than just pink. They are normally chosen based on height and weight. While every woman has a different stature, most women have shorter heights and a weaker punch.

Pink punching bags are a great start for women who want to get into boxing. These allow them to polish their skills without overburdening them.

How can I take care of and maintain my punching bag?

Keep your bag away from inherently sharp objects such as knives and rods. Do not put too much weight on the punching bag, especially if it has an air/water bladder. Also, take special care not to expose your bag to the elements. Even if your bag is suitable for outdoor use, don’t unnecessarily use it outside.


So there you have it, the 4 best pink punching bags made just for women! A lot of hard work and effort goes into making the perfect punching bag. And these products outshine the rest!

But the RDX women’s punching bag seems to stand out the most. It is because of the use of special technology is to ensure a heavy-duty bag cover. There’s also the fact that you get not only a pair of gloves but also a wall bracket.

Buy your heavy bag now and start on your boxing training!

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