Top 6 Best Speed Bags [Buying Guide]

Heavy bags are not the only equipment that can improve the boxer’s training. Unlike many people’s belief, speed bag training has an overall positive impact on skills. It assists in developing different abilities like precision, hand-eye coordination, speed, and endurance better.

Product NameImageProsPrice
Title Boxing Speed BagA good range of sizes available
Remarkable balancing
Leather material enhances durability
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Pro Impact Speed BagVarious sizes
High-quality material
The reinforced triple-seam provides longevity
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Everlast Speed BagGood balancing and rebound
Genuine leather
Simple and good looking
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This is the reason; both beginners and professionals can get equally benefit out of these bags. Are you planning to add speed bag practice in your routine? Then, you must need the best speed bag to acquire maximum benefit out of it.

We have compiled the best speed bag reviews along with a brief buying guide. We hope after going through these sections you would be able to make an informed decision.


Best Speed Bags for Sale Reviewed

Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

TITLE bag is particularly good at providing balancing. The manufacturers have used genuine leather in its construction. It means we can place it among durable and high-performing gears.

Its high-grade leather not only provides durability but feels good on the trainer’s hands too. Thus, you can expect this bag to withstand a long time of your constant aggressive hitting sessions.

To further elevate its strength, it contains triple reinforced seams. So, triple seams depict better strength and integrity. Its lacing also ensures successful ruthless and well-balanced training every time you hit the bag.

It also contains a butyl rubber pro bladder with exclusive internal balancing. Thus, you can acquire remarkable results with minimum leakage chances.

The TITLE has especially created this speed bag with the Gyro Balanced Manufacturing technique. It assists in providing an accurate rebound and quick recoiling. This attribute helps to enhance your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and quick responses.

The makers have put special attention to improve the balancing of this speed bag along with durability.

Another good point is its availability in a range of sizes. You can choose any size from XXL, S, M, and L. Even though the weight varies with the size, the price remains the same. It means you can conveniently choose the one that suits your needs.

It also allows you to select more than one-speed bags. In this way, you can have better training to improve coordination and rhythm.


  • A good range of sizes available.
  • It delivers remarkable balancing.
  • Leather material enhances durability.
  • Triple seams give integrity.


  • The larger size might have some effect on its recoiling.

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Pro Impact Speedbag

This Pro Impact Speed Back is going to provide you what you’d call a quality. From its manufacturing material to stitching, Pro Impact has put everything best in this speed bag.

It is constructed using pure leather, and we don’t need to say anything about its abilities. We all know how durable and long-lasting, genuine leather is. As you are going to be aggressive with this gear, the top-quality 100% leather will ensure it stays intact. This material will improve its functionality as well.

The makers have used high-quality latex bladder inside. It will maintain its shape while preventing air loss. So, you can have long training sessions without worrying about its deflating.

Pro Impact has put this bag together with the help of triple-reinforced seams. It will maintain the bag’s integrity without disturbing its direction.

Moreover, this tool has a pear shape. It not only provides effortless targeting but also provides better rebound and accurate punching experience. It will also help in maintaining your punching rhythm.

This sturdy bag is capable of enduring numerous punches will develop your reflexes along with improving hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, because of its rapid recoiling, it will enhance your speed and agility along with muscle strength. So, in the long run, it won’t only improve your boxing skills but burn calories to maintain fitness.

This amazing speed bag also gives versatility. To fulfill different levels’ requirements, it is available in three sizes.


  • Various sizes to accommodate different levels.
  • High-quality material.
  • The reinforced triple-seam provides longevity.
  • Latex bladder will prevent air loss for prolonged training.


  • It doesn’t come with hanging equipment.
  • You might feel a weird smell during its initial days.

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Everlast Speed Bag

Just like any other good gear, this one is constructed using genuine leather. Thus, it offers durability even for tough and prolonged workout sessions.

Moreover, this pear-shaped speed bag is created and balanced in a way to deliver you the remarkable speed along with the accuracy with each hit.

This Everlast speed bag also contains superior flat-welting along with double stitching. Both these features not only provide durability but proficiency and comfort to participants.

Its bladder is made up of rubber. It is capable of delivering amazing speed along with outstanding balance and recoiling.

All these attributes make this Everlast speed bag one of the great boxing equipment. It not only helps in improving hand-eye coordination but provides upper body muscular endurance. Thus, it is not only suitable for professional trainers but good for home workouts as well.

Besides its good performance, this bag appears good too. Though it won’t be beneficial for training purposes, a few people like having neat equipment around them. This black-colored speed bag weighs 1 pound only. You can acquire only a large size option that is 10 x 7 inches.


  • Good balancing and rebound.
  • Genuine leather makes it last longer.
  • It has a neat and nice appearance.
  • Helps in maintaining rhythm.


  • It might need a break-in time.

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Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bags

This speed bag from Cleto Reyes is suitable for those who want high-end and good quality gear. You can trust this tool for its durability and fast swing.

Just like our previous products, this one is also constructed using genuine leather. So, it is going to deliver good performance and durability as well.

However, the makers didn’t stop just here. They have also added a tough nylon lining in this bag. It assists in enhancing durability along with providing better rebound.

Besides, its tight construction is what makes it different from other nominal quality bags. Thus, you can stay assured of its longevity and good performance. The various details of this tool help you improve reflexes and coordination with each punch.

Its bladder is made up of latex. However, its exclusivity exists in its lightweight, which makes the bag faster. Due to an extra bladder, you can expect some long time services from this bag.

You can choose any option from its Mini, Small, Medium, and Large size options. The mini is 5×8”, Small 6×9”, Medium 7×10”, and Large is 7×11”. The smaller size is better for experts, and the large size is suitable for beginners. However, you don’t only have options in its size range.


  • Available in a range of sizes and colors.
  • It has a nice appearance.
  • Nylon lining adds more to durability.
  • It comes with an additional bladder.


  • It’s not an easy task to replace its bladder.

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Tomasar Free Standing Speed Bag

This Tomasar Punching Bag is different from other products on our list. Instead of wall-mounted, it has a free-standing style. So, this review is for all those who are looking for this specific style. This speed bag is preferably good to use at your home.

The bag is constructed using good-quality PU leather material. Though it is not as durable as genuine leather, it stills performs better. The credit goes to its ultra-strong sponge filling. As it comes pre-filled, you won’t need to worry about inflating it.

Also, it performs well, even while facing aggressive workouts. Besides sponge and PU, it also has a steel material that is used for its pole. It is relatively durable as compared to plastic material. Thus, you can expect it to go along well without any problem.

Besides the bag, its base and stand are also sturdy. You can secure its base in one position by either filling water or sand. If you go for water, it will weight 20kg. However, it is 40kg in case of sand.

Another good trait of this easy-to-use speed bag is its adjustability. You can adjust its height from 56.2” to 60.8”. It means people from different age groups can use it for exercising, training, and weight loss purpose.

Moreover, its stand is connected with the base with the help of a high tension spring. It makes the ball swing and sways on facing punches. It gives the impact of real boxing opponents. Thus, it helps in acquiring better fighting skills.


  • You can easily transfer it from one place to another.
  • Sponge filling enhances its durability.
  • Its height is adjustable.
  • The stand is flexible and sturdy.


  • It might get displaced/tip over while facing intense strikes.
  • You’d need to adjust its parts.

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RDX Double End Speed Ball Bag

This speed bag by RDX on our list is a unique gear because it has a double end. You would need to connect it from both ceilings as well as the floor. It is connected using two cords.

Because of its different style, it delivers better speed. So, this product can be a good option if you want to speed training.

This speed bag is constructed using Maya Hide Leather. It is good quality PU leather. It is going to provide adequate durability, though you can expect it to perform like genuine leather.

However, its bladder is made up of rubber. It is not only capable of providing buoyancy but sturdiness as well. So, all in all, we can say it is one good performing speed bag.

Though you might find it hard to hang it from both ceiling and floor, it comes with all accessories. It contains a tough nylon strap. It is not only convenient to attach but offers stability as well.

This speed bag comes with four metal O-Rings and a strong PVC buckle along with fixings.


  • Comes with all mounting equipment.
  • Provides remarkable speed training.
  • Highly portable.
  • Allows adjusting the height.
  • Prevents your hands from injuries.


  • Difficult to find an adequate spot to hang because of its double ends.

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How to Choose the Best Speed Bag?

It could be difficult to choose the best speed bag for the first time, but not impossible. There are a few factors that you need to consider before selecting an option. Here, we are going to highlight those points.

Construction Material

The construction material of the speed bag outer shell will decide its durability. Therefore, it is crucial to check for it.

Usually, you’ll see two types of materials. One of them is genuine leather, and the other one is synthetic leather. We can’t say which option is going to be best, as its condition varies from one person to another.

However, genuine leather is a more durable option. It not only gives better performance but also lasts longer. However, it is expensive. So, if your budget allows, you must go for it.

While buying genuine leather, it’s better to look for top-grade leather. The good option is the one made up of premium cowhide leather. It will offer an accurate rebound.

Synthetic is although not as durable as a genuine one, it is relatively affordable. So, if you’re tight on budget, you can choose synthetic. Its performance is also good but lesser than genuine.

There are also canvas speed bags available in the market. However, they are not recommended because of their quality and feel.


Bladder resides inside the speed bag. It inflates and gives the bag its required shape. Just like the outer shell, you can also get various materials for its bladder.

Latex rubber is considered as a good option as compared to others like plastic and butyl rubber. Its performance is relatively good. However, with latex rubber, you’d need to inflate it after every few days. But, its durability and lightweight still make it a better option.


Besides bladder and shell material, it is also important to have durable stitching as well. It will help the bag to stay intact even after prolonged use. Therefore, it’s preferable to look for double or triple reinforced seams.

All of the points mentioned above were important to ensure the durability of the speed bag. Now, there are some more points that play a significant role in its overall performance. Here are a few of them:


The size selection of a speed bad depends on the user’s expertise level. A large speed bag is usually sluggish and heavier. It won’t move as quickly as a smaller one would. So it’s good for beginners to start with large bags.

On the contrary, smaller bags swing a lot. They also need a lot of precision to hit them correctly. Therefore, for experienced fighters with good precision, a smaller speed bag can be a good option.


The impact of speed bag weight is somehow similar to its size. The heavier bag would have low swing/speed. Similarly, lighter bags would swing more. Thus, beginners should opt for heavier bags, and experts can go for lighter options.

Mounting Style

This factor, though doesn’t impact performance much, it’s good to consider for your convenience. There are three types of mounting styles available for speed bags.

These are hanging, free-standing, and double-end speed bags. The most common option is hanging bags. You’ll also see this type in most of the gym setups.

However, to set this up, you’d need to have a mount to hang the speed bag.

The free-standing bags are good for those who lack space. They stand on their own, and you don’t need to make any setup for them. Also, they are effortless to move around. Thus, if convenience is everything you want, go for this option.

The third type, double-end, offers better speed and stability. However, it’d be difficult for a few people to find a suitable place for it. It is because you need to hang it from both ceilings as well as the floor.


What Benefits Can I Get From Speed Bag Training?

Many people think only heavy bags are important for training. However, the fact is speed bag training also helps in acquiring certain skills. It helps in improving hand speed, rhythm, coordination, cardio, and muscular endurance. It also assists in developing overall boxing skills.

How Important Is The Speed Bag Platform?

You can’t expect many benefits out of your speed bag without a proper platform. Thus, it is equally important to invest in a good-quality and durable platform along with a speed bag. A good platform should be made up of durable material. It should also be adjustable too.

After How Long Do We Need To Inflate Speed Bags?

The frequency depends on how speedily it loses air. You should re-inflate your bag once you feel it is too soft to ensure appropriate performance.

Which Muscles Does The Speed Bag Training Target?

Speed bag training targets triceps and shoulders along with toning upper body. It also acts as an effective cardiovascular exercise and helps in relieving stress.


Speed bag training helps in acquiring many useful boxing skills. Here, in this post, we have discussed a lot of things about the speed bag and its training effects. There are different types and styles of speed bag available out there. You can choose them according to your expertise level, available space, and budget.

We have also reviewed a few best speed bags as well. The purpose was to help you in choosing the right bag option that can lead to effective training.