Top 5 Best Water Punching Bags [Reviewed]

Unlike traditional bags, water bags absorb shock from hits and don’t put stress on the body. As a result, you feel less pressure and become able to continue training for long. These versatile bags are trending now. Many professionals are now switching from traditional boxing bags to water-filled punching partners.

So, are you planning to buy one?

Product NameImageProsPrice
Aqua Punching BagConvenient
Easy to fill
Easy to attach
Suitable for indoors and outdoors
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Ringside HydroblastLong-lasting
Effortless setup
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Aqua Bruiser BagRealistic feeling
Human-like shape
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Our post will help you in getting the right option. We have compiled the top 5 best water punching bag reviews. A brief buying guide will also be there to help in choosing appropriate features. Keep scrolling to know which option suits you the best:


Best Water Heavy Bags Reviewed

Aqua Punching Bag

This 120 Pound Aqua Punching Bag can be the right choice if durability and a reliable name is your priority. This product is manufactured in the USA. The makers also give two years limited warranty on it.

We believe these facts are enough to assure you of its high quality. Moreover, as it comes unfilled, it offers huge convenience both for shipping and storage.

This item contains a connector on its top. You can use it to attach it to the hanging kit. Also, normal water is perfectly fine to fill in this bag.

It means you are not going to perform fancy treatments to make this bag usable. You can also change its position effortlessly as filling and drainage are like a breeze too.

Furthermore, it is waterproof and safe for outdoor use. Thus, if you want to enjoy your training while enjoying the weather, this punching bag is not going to betray you. It is rain, sunshine, and UV resistant.

This Aqua teardrop shape bag is particularly suitable for those who want to practice high punches and kicks. It is also good for carrying out uppercuts and knee strikes.

This 18 inches bag weighs 120 pounds when full. So, considering its weight, we can say it is more suitable for beginners and experts.

Besides, this punching bag has a durable construction. Thus, it can be a preferable choice either you put it at your home or a gym.


  • Convenient to use.
  • It’s filling, and the drainage process is simple.
  • The hook makes it simple to attach it to any place.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • You’d need to buy its hanging chain or kit separately.

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MaxxMMA Water Bag

This MaxxMMA Water/Air is a good choice for those looking for versatile water heavy bag. We also can’t doubt its quality, as MaxxMMA is a good name for producing valuable products.

Furthermore, it is suitable for a variety of training styles. The most distinguishing trait is its variable weight. It allows you to fill it anywhere between 70 and 140 lbs.

You can usually adjust the water volume at variable points. But, not all bags are capable of maintaining the required rigidity. They might end up in an underfilled bag that cannot serve as a suitable training tool. However, this bag has a solid construction. The bag maintains its rigidity and usefulness even at variable weights.

In this way, you can use it for different training purposes, including power training. Usually, heavy bags weigh around 100 lbs. If this weight is too light for you, MaxxMMA has a solution for you in the form of this bag.

Besides, this bag also allows you to either fill it with water or air. You don’t want to waste water; this bag will let you fill the air in it.

This punching bag is also longer than other usual bags. Those small punching bags usually allow hand strokes only. However, this is not the case with this flexible bag.

It supports both hand strikes as well as foot and body strikes. However, to avail of its benefits, you should have adequate space. If you already have, then get ready to enjoy various styles and training sessions.

On purchasing this bag, you’ll also obtain a heavy bag wrap. It will make the bag feel comfortable on your joints.


  • The exterior is simple to clean.
  • Good options for those who don’t want to wastewater.
  • Allows variable weight adjustments.
  • It feels easy on joints.


  • As it is bulky and long, it might not be suitable for small spaces.

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Ringside Hydroblast Water Bag

This Hydroblast bag could be a great option for those looking for a durable option. There are other reasons, too, for its sturdiness. Yet, we can’t ignore the brand’s reputation that is known for its quality products.

Usually, we have seen heavy bags made up of leather material. But, this one is a bit different. It has utilized rubber for this purpose. It has strong rubber walls that can withstand frequent use for a long period.

Moreover, it has a unique shell design on its wall. When filled with water, it gives a real-like feel that enhances the punching fun.

Though you can obtain various sizes in this model, the one we are reviewing weighs 153 lbs. So, this heavy water bag can be suitable for power training, and to enhance your stamina.

Moreover, this punching bag comes in a pill shape. What’s the benefit?

It hangs a bit lower to ground. Thus, you can also perform lower strikes with it, unlike the tear-shaped bag we reviewed earlier. Though this shape adds more to its versatility, you can’t perform very low kicks with it.

Moreover, as its bag is quite sturdy, it can be placed both at your home and gym. It is perfectly fine for commercial use. In both cases, it is going to entertain trainers of any level with versatile options.

This water punching bag comes unfilled. You’d need to fill it with water on your own, and that’s not a big deal. Also, it possesses a connector and a steel chain to give ease of hanging it anywhere you want.


  • Long-lasting due to its rubber construction.
  • Effortless setup.
  • Its shape allows versatile styles.
  • Equally good for both home and commercial use.


  • It might give off a strong rubber smell at the start.
  • Not ideal for low kicks.

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Aqua Bruiser Bag 

The company has taken a life-like feel to the next level. They have uniquely shaped this bag. This bag shaped like a human- torso of 6’1” height. It somehow mimics the human body and gives the trainers sense of hitting a real human being. It could be beneficial to prepare them for real-life fighting.

Unlike, cylindrical or round shapes, when trainers hit human-torso, they better get a sense of its consequences. On top of it, the water filling also gives a partial realistic feel. So, combining both these attributes, this bruiser bag can be great to learn real-world self-defense skills.

Moreover, on filling with water, this bag can acquire a weight of 160 pounds. It is pretty heavy considering other available heavy bags. So, it not only helps in acquiring practical skills but in improving punches and kicks as well.

As this bag shape is like humans above part, it helps in punches, high kicks, and other strikes. However, it won’t be really helpful with low kicks.

It comes unfilled. You can hang it on your desired place and then fill it. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about its durability. It is a USA manufactured product by a reputable brand. The company also gives 2 years of limited warranty for these bags. And we all know warranty matters a lot for these water bags.


  • It resembles a real human body.
  • The heavyweight makes it good for advanced trainers.
  • It entertains great high kicks and punches.


  • You might need anchoring to minimize rotation/spinning effects.
  • It doesn’t feel comfortable for low kicks.

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Hydrostrike Bag by Everlast

This Hydrostrike Water Bag in our list is from the Everlast brand. It is another durable product that you can trust for your hard training sessions.

It is manufactured in the USA and comes with 2 years warranty from Everlast. So, it means, this product is going to provide excellent value to your money.

As it takes water as its filling material, it is going to absorb shocks while providing a life-like feel. Moreover, it also provides remarkable protection to your joints.

This specific Everlast heavy water bag model is available in one size option only. It is available in 100 lbs. weight only. But, if you are fine with this weight, why would you need any other option?

Considering its weight, it can be good for powerful training. It comes in somehow pill-like shape. It allows various punching and kicking styles. Yet, it isn’t great for low kicks.

Besides, it is effortless to use this bag. It comes with a mounting chain. You can hang it on any desired location and fill it with water. And here, your punching tool is ready to enhance your skills.


  • Durable and supports various training styles.
  • Effortless to mount it.
  • Because of its heavyweight, it supports forceful punches.
  • It comes with an adequate warranty.


  • It doesn’t come with the mount.
  • It might not feel very soft.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Water-Filled Punching Bag


What material your water punching bag should be made up of? There are different available options. Let’s discuss them separately:


Leather is a very durable material option. Yet, you might not feel it appropriate for this fitness equipment. It is because; this material doesn’t react well to water.

However, the fact is leather can last longer if proper care is taken. Also, it can stand against strikes quite well.


You’d see this material as a finishing surface in many punching bags. This material not only feels comfortable on the skin, but it is affordable as well. Moreover, because of its durability, it is even used as a patch in case of a tear.

Marine-Grade Vinyl

This material possesses all benefits of standard vinyl, along with some additional benefits. It is not only durable and cost-effective but antimicrobial and antibacterial as well.

It can thus enhance the lifetime of the bag by eliminating the growth of mildew or mold inside.


Rubber bags are durable. It doesn’t react with water and prevents leakage. Also, it is capable of enduring long-term frequent use.


It is another crucial factor that plays a crucial role in purchasing the right option. It depends on your requirements and skill level, as well.

For beginners, big bags can be useful as there will be enough area to hit the target. However, for experts, a comparatively smaller bag can be good to attain accuracy.


This factor also plays a role in the decision-making process. The heavier bags, as they swing less, are good for fixed and powerful hits.

On the other hand, as lighter bags rotate more, they are suitable for versatile and quick attacks. Or, we can say they are good for speed training.

With these heavy water bags, there is an option to adjust the weight as per your requirements.


You’ll also see a variety of shapes in these bags. Pill, tear, cylindrical, torso, and other shapes affect the type of training you perform.

These shapes support different styles. Thus, you should first see your training requirements before selecting any shape.


It is another important factor that you should consider for any of your fitness equipment. The same is the case with a water punching bag. It should be strong and durable.

These are your long term investments, and they should give value to your money. Also, it could be very messy to have a water punching bag that leaks.


The manufacturer’s reputation plays an essential role in deciding the worth of any product. Even if it is not correct in all cases, it goes true with most of them. If you can afford and find the equipment from a renowned/trustworthy brand, you must go for it.

A few famous water bag brands include Aqua, MaxxMMA, Everlast, Ringside, Century, etc.


Do I need to drain the bag after each session?

The good thing is you don’t need to drain water after every session. It will free you up from the trouble of refilling again and again before each session; however, if you are going to store the bag for a long time, better drain and then store it.

What are the possible disadvantages of water punching bags?

Firstly, these bags wastewater. It could not be an issue for every trainer. Yet, there are areas where water shortage is a problem.

Second, these bags can be a problem in extremely cold weather. It is because the chilly weather can make water freeze inside the bag. It won’t only make the bag useless for training but also damages it.

A third disadvantage is its leakage. Usually, these bags are durable and strong to withstand strong hits and heavyweight. However, in case of having leakage, there would be a lot of mess.

Thus, it is good to use them in areas where water damage can be minimized in case of any mishap.

What are other refilling options to fill the water punching bag?

Air is an inexpensive and pretty easier option to replace the water refill. It can be good for those who have a water shortage or don’t want to waste it.

Besides air and water, you don’t have an option to refill these bags. If you try filling them with sand, it won’t be easily possible. It would only end up creating a big mess.


Water punching bags are a great alternative to traditional heavy bags. They offer various benefits, including adjustability, easy storage, natural feel, and others. These bags are versatile and offer huge convenience as well.

However, you can only acquire all these benefits if you become able to buy the best water punching bag. Luckily, it is not impossible.

There are various options available out there. You can choose them exactly according to your requirements, budget, skills, and expertise level.

We have also made a small effort here in this regard. We have sorted out and reviewed a few best water heavy bags.

Our chosen products are versatile. They are capable of fulfilling different trainers’ requirements. We hope our work will help you in selecting the right punching bag.