If you want your child to be confident, focused, have better grades at school and be bully proof,

Then this is the most important information you will read all year!



Dear Parents and Grand Parents,

I don't blame you. I know what you are thinking.....how can karate and martial arts teach wholesome values and success skills?” Well, I’m here to tell you, in more ways than you can begin to imagine.

My name is Art Mason . I’m the Founder of one of the most successful martial arts schools in the Canada. “The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute" in Windsor Ontario Canada.

For over 28 years , I’ve been nurturing children like yours with character building tools found only in karate. No other sport can match them. In the next few pages, I’m going to tell you how you and your child can sample all of this, and more. Free of Charge and with no obligation to continue!


Watch as your child increases in confidence, energy and spirit. Stand and be dazzled as he becomes unstoppable in his quest for.....

  • Greater academic achievement.

  • Unshakable self respect.

  • Increased strength and fitness, in both body and mind.

And all of it comes while learning how to “kick, block, and punch.” Look at it this way. Your child’s first and biggest challenge comes not from “fighting for his rights on the street,” or “beating up the neighbourhood bully.” It comes, instead, from battling more sinister forces. Your child’s own fears and self doubts:

  • "I’m not as smart as Bobby"

  • “I don’t know what my teacher is wants from me.”

  • "I wish I was as strong, pretty, tall, popular as Meghan.”

  • "Why do kids keep picking on me?"

The question is, how do you get your child to fight these demons? You know the problem. Your child has a tough time even telling you she’s haunted by them. Never mind how she might conquer them. Well, the good news is, I have a proven solution. A program that has already worked for thousands of children including my own! A series of lessons your child can learn easier than you think

To repeat, Martial Arts are less about your child learning to fight others, and more about fighting…himself. His innermost fears. Conquer them, and your child unleashes within himself a powerful, unstoppable force.

A force that gives him the strength to kick down the doors of his own self doubts, A force that opens your child to the exalting power of values.

In other words, when your child uses the discipline of karate to conquer his fears, he has power to transfer that discipline to all other areas of his life. I know of no other sport that does this better than karate. (I should know. Remember, I’ve been teaching it for 28 years.)


What are parents saying about The Peaceful Warriors'?

  •  "The benefits include an increase in physical fitness, flexibility and perhaps more importantly an increase in self-esteem!"

  • "Improved Concentration and mental alertness"

  • "Self confidence and builds a need to excel!"

  • "The most important benefit of a child taking Martial Arts besides the obvious self-defense & discipline, would be the knowledge that a child can feel confident in making right decisions when the time comes. I feel that if children gain confidence in themselves, they can handle the many situations that life can present to them. I truly believe that MA gives kids the self-confidence that they need."

  •  "The benefits of taking Martial Arts are: self-defense, respect for yourself & for others, self-confidence, self-control, discipline, determination, stress relief & a drug-free lifestyle."

  •  "I feel that it builds self-confidence & teaches my children to take responsibility for themselves."

  •  "I like the changes I see in my children since starting with the Peaceful Warriors."

  • "The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute stresses the consequential benefits of discipline & self-improvement as opposed to the superficial goals of tournament competition."

  • "Knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Equal to the elder Korean Master my son had in the US. Superb coaching ability and instructor's choices of subjects to coach on. Overheard a "don't smoke" lesson and was very impressed!"

  •  "Outstanding control over class. Kids behavior reflects the leadership of the masters and instructors!   "


"Discover How To Give Your Child a Head Start In Life"


Are you doing everything you can to:

  • To arm your child to succeed in life?

  • To help them be the best they can be in school?

  • To develop their self confidence?

  • To assist them in developing their unique potential?

  • To learn self discipline?

Most parents do everything they can to teach these things to their children. But after school many parents need some help. The hours that kids spend after school are some of the most important hours in a child's life.

Between the 1st and 7th grade a child spends an average of 4200 hours doing basically nothing productive. This time is more valuable than you know. In 4200 hours you could graduate college, get your Masters Degree and your PHD. So why wouldn’t you let your child spend this valuable time learning skills that will last a lifetime.

When our kids get out of school, their parents know that their child is being trained in real Life Skills. With our busy 21st Century schedules, it's hard to find the time and resources to really help them with these important life skills.

You would think and expect that they would learn about perseverance, positive mental attitudes, self discipline and goal setting in school, but they really don't.

Students who attend The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute are a step up on others because we teach them about these important life skills and how to develop them to their fullest! Success traits that will pay off for the rest of their lives.


Our Program Can Change Your Child's Life!


In Our Program Your Child Will Experience . . .

  • Grade Improvement: The grades go up and stay up! Our program offers a lot more than just self-defense and physical agility. It is an educational/Black Belt program that will give your child the discipline needed to study, complete homework and organize their time wisely. Ultimately, this leads to better concentration at school and better grades. We make success a habit, not a chore!

  • Leadership Skills: To help them succeed in life! The Peaceful Warriors' will teach your child how to set goals and take responsibility for their own actions. These qualities, more than any others, will help your child develop as a leader and not as a follower. This, in turn, will ensure their success in school, college and life!

  • Increased Physical Aptitude and Fitness: To help your child develop physically! Our programs increase speed, stamina and agility in children. They also help develop balance, coordination and timing, which helps your child in sports and other activities.

  • Mental Development: To give your child the courage to say NO in the face of peer pressure! One of the scariest problems facing many parents today is the possibility that their child may become involved with drugs. The number of children taking drugs at a younger age is staggering. As active members in the nationally recognized Kid's Safe Network , we help promote anti-drug programs as well as conduct our own anger management and conflict resolution program. Our programs are designed to promote self-confidence and self-esteem--giving your child the strength to resist peer pressure.

  • High Energy Classes: Fun-filled classes your child will truly enjoy! From the children's point of view, the best part about our program is how much fun the classes really are. We focus your child's energy in a positive and productive manner.

  • Realistic Self-Defense Skills: That could save your child's life! While we wish it weren't a factor in our program, that fact remains that we live in a world full of undesirable people. We don't give children a false sense of reality by teaching them how to be victorious only in competition. Our program teaches your child how to protect himself in real life threatening situations. This invaluable skill could be the difference between life and death!

  • Personalized Attention: To ensure rapid progress! We focus on quality instruction and personal attention. Our students are treated as individuals. All of our classes are taught by highly trained instructors committed to excellence and continued learning. You'll feel safe knowing your child is receiving the finest instruction possible!


    The 10 Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem


People don’t often understand just how damaging having low self-esteem can be!  People with low self esteem are often go unnoticed at school and at work because they do not do anything to stand out.  They don’t ever go for the goal or even try to make the sports team.”

 “Low Self Esteem Sufferer’s are often the target of bullies at school as well as at work because they “bullies” know they won’t give them any hassle or a hard time and will be “easy” victims who will quickly bend to their will!”

 The 10 Warning Signs of Low Self-Esteem:


  1. Walking with head and eyes down focused on the ground instead of Straight ahead.

  2. Shy and Reserved around new people and situations

  3. She does not ask questions in school or at home

  4. Hard for her to make friends

  5. Poor Hygiene

  6. Lack of Goals and Ambition

  7. Struggles to get out of bed

  8. Fails to believe she can do anything meaningful or worthwhile, so she never even tries!

  9. Does not try new things in fear of looking foolish and failing

  10. A Victim of a Bully!


 These are just SOME of the warning signs of Low Self-Esteem you may be seeing in yourself or your child.  You do not necessarily show all of these warning signs, just one is enough to suffer from Low Self-Esteem.


Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute

10 Points Success System.


  1. Positive Role Models: What is the biggest asset of Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute? The is easy, the teachers! Now, I’ll tell you up front.  They are not like the teachers you’ve seen in the Martial Art movies.  Are they “tough guys?”  Yes.  But what you will notice (and so will your child)…is that they are “Nice Guys.” They have been hand selected…not just because they are great Martial Artists. They have been chosen because they are wonderful people…and have a great love of helping others benefit from the Martial Arts!   They also must pass a rigid certification course overseen by Master Art Mason himself. Our instructors care about each and every student individually and will work hard to assure that their potentials are reached.

  2. Physical Fitness: It is hard to feel good about yourself if you are out of shape. Adults and children both get a great workout, that is fun at the same time! When a student starts to see progress in the physical work they are doing, their self image follows as well.

  3. A High Energy, Exciting Environment: Many kids & adults have grown accustomed to virtual activities (video games, television, internet). Participating in an exciting, high energy environment, focused on an actual activity, will give your your or your child a very real sense of achievement!

  4. Learning to Set Goals: Our belt system is one of the keys to our success. On a very subtle level the student is taught to set goals and achieve them!  Over time the student starts to set goals in their non martial arts life as well, and has the tools to make these goals a reality.

  5. The Message of the Week: Regular exposure to our message of the week, which happens at the start of each and every class. These messages are on such topics as respect, focus, persistence, courage, discipline and confidence. Most of the parents at Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute find this is their favorite part of out classes.

  6. Curriculum Based Development: Our certified teachers, Master Riccardo Pappini and SaBumni, Rob Wiper are experts in their field and understand how to teach your child the skills of listening and focusing. In fact, they will start to learn these skills in the first week.

  7. A Series of Positively Constructed Challenges that will build your child’s confidence.  You will be delighted as you see your children confidently move outside their comfort zone.  As the weeks go by, you will smile with pride as your son or daughter moves from challenge to challenge…their confidence soaring at each new accomplishment!

  8. An Atmosphere of Respect: You will watch in amazement as your child learns to give and to earn respect. But even more important is they will develop Self Respect.

  9. Order and Structure: Even thought the atmosphere at Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute is friendly, supportive and fun, it is NOT playtime! You will be delighted to see how your children develop focus and persistence in our orderly, structured environment.

  10. A Friendship Based Environment: If you are expecting to find harsh old world martial arts instructors at our school you will be very disappointed! The Cobra-Kai school you saw in the Karate Kid is not how we run our school. Our instructors are hand picked and trained in teaching for many years. There are no outside teachers on our floor, they are all home grown. The atmosphere created is one of respect and friendship. A mentoring environment and a strong student / teacher relationship. That atmosphere of friendship, support, and respect will give your child the support he or she needs to succeed!


"Martial Arts is the best thing you can do for your child..." Chuck Norris


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Yours in building strong, focused and happy children,

Grand Master Art Mason
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