Is your child being BULLIED?

Have they come home with torn clothes, bruises and cuts?

Does the school system do NOTHING to help you??

Are they afraid to go to school??


If you want your child to be confident, focused, have better grades at school and be bully proof,

Then this is the most important information you will read all year!


Dear Parents and Grand Parents.

Let us help  your child with this intolerable situation!

Martial Arts training has been time tested to improve a child's self esteem, confident and focus thus providing them with the skills for dealing with bullies and other problems life can bring. We will teach your child to deal with these conflicts in a non violent way. In most cases bully issues will cease, but your child will also have the skills to deal with the situation should it become physical.

How do I know this? I know from personal experience what it did for my children as they were growing up! I have seen literally hundreds of children helped over the years by this program!

I have talked personally with hundreds of parents who are dealing with these same issues. And it does not matter where you live it is always the same. The system is failing our children, so we must give them the tools to learn to say NO without fear, and fight back if it is necessary, and to know when it is necessary!

"Martial arts classes are the best thing you can do for you child." Chuck Norris


Now I am going to make you an offer you can't refuse!!!

I am so confident I can help you or your child become BULLY PROOF I am going to give you 2 weeks of classes absolutely FREE. There is NO OBLIGATION TO CONTINUE if you do not wish too do so! No hidden costs, not registrations fees, JUST FREE KARATE CLASSES.

That is a $70 Value!! You pay nothing!


Also as a BONUS you will receive the following...

  • An audio recording on "How to Raise Your Child's Self Esteem" FREE also!
  • 2 FREE Reports on the Bully problem facing our kids today!
  • And if you decide to enroll after your FREE month you will get a FREE Uniform, a $50 value!
  • and special $100 per month tuition rate! Which is saving you an additional $40 per month!
  • and a special consultation with Senior Master Riccardo Pappini!


Why am I doing this? Because I know how much these classes helped my own children deal with bullies!

Read what one parent has to say!

Back in 2008, my son was having some serious issues with bullies at his grade school.  A close friend of mine suggested that I take him to see Grand Master Art Mason; he felt that perhaps training in Martial Arts could give him the confidence to deal effectively with his problems.  Boy, did it! My son Ivor got a tremendous lift from his martial arts training.  He developed self confidence, self motivation, discipline, resilience, commitment and many other positive traits while studying under Master Art.  Ivor is now a 2nd dan Black Belt in the Windsor Peaceful Warriors school.


ACT NOW! You have NOTHING to lose but everything to gain! Waiting will only make the problem worse!

This amazing offer will cease on July 15th 2016. Act now to assure you get 2 Weeks FREE with NO OBLIGATION TO CONTINUE!

After you fill out the form you will receive a confirmation email, click on it and your information will be forwarded to our office to setup for your free month of classes! Fill out this form below and my office manager Kara will give you a call, usually within 24 hours except for holidays and set you up to start ASAP! Check your email because you need to reply to a confirmation message, this is required by law in Canada for us to email you your bonuses.




Fill in this Form and Receive 2 Weeks FREE

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Yours in building strong, focused, confident kids,

 Master Art

Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts

PS...Read what actual parents are saying about how we helped their child! Follow this link!

PSS... You can always make excuses about being too busy to deal with this. That is always an option, but it won't solve the problem!