Free NFT games you can earn from

Free NFT games you can earn from

While the popularity of NFT games has risen in the last year, many potential players are looking for free alternatives.

With in-game assets like as those in Axie Infinity fetching hundreds of dollars, there is a rising desire for more accessible free-to-play games on the blockchain.

With so many new NFT games being released to compete with established NFT favorites like Axie or Bomb Crypto, here’s a look at Balthazar for free NFT games.

NFT Games for Free

There are several NFT games that are completely free to play. Here is a list of free NFT games.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the most popular free-to-play NFT games available today. When players begin, they are given a 140-card Welcome Set. These are not blockchain-based and so cannot be sold.

As players progress through Gods Unchained’s levels and play games, they acquire packs that include Common Core cards. Additionally, they are not issued on the blockchain.

However, players will gain Flux by winning Ranked matches. Flux is a technology that they may employ in the Forge of the Gods Unchained to ‘fuse’ duplicate Common Core cards. This method generates complete cards that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and are available for trading through the Marketplace.

Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is a free mobile role-playing game that is scheduled to debut in 2022. The game’s website, published by Immutable, is critical of the present gaming industry, stating: “Every year, players spend $100 billion for in-game stuff they do not genuinely own.” This is incorrect. Players deserve the ability to own and sell real-world assets.

While we do not yet know all of the game’s specifics, its FAQs make it obvious that the objective is to develop a free-to-play NFT game. According to the FAQs:

Without investing any money, players may play for free and collect heroes and goods.

Additionally, Guild of Guardians emphasizes that the game will not be pay-to-win, with an emphasis on talent and strategy. Additionally, the creators note that since the game is not a PvP experience, any money invested will not be at the cost of others.

Free NFT games you can earn from


If you’re looking for an NFT game in the manner of Pokemon, the MMORPG Chainmonsters may be a decent alternative. Chainmonsters, which runs on the FLOW blockchain, enables you to gather Chainmons and things that can be sold on the marketplace.

Chainmonsters is now in the closing stages of its alpha test, with 10,000 players granted access. It will then enter open beta and finally release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, according to its FAQs.


Splinterlands is a free-to-play trading card game based on the Hive cryptocurrency. While it is free to play, users who want to trade their in-game assets must acquire a $10 Summoner’s Spellbook. This enables gamers to access their keys and collect incentives.

The FAQs explain why this choice was made:

The fact that typical free-to-play NFT games give out in-game currency and stuff to anybody who registers up for a free account demonstrates that the things are endlessly printed and mostly useless. Splinterlands is an anomaly. All game cards and the in-game currency, Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), are limited edition and available for purchase and sale across several platforms. This implies that they cannot be distributed to anybody who registers up with an email address, and players must invest some flesh in the game in order to gain them.

Free NFT games you can earn from

Coin Hunt World 

If you’re not a fan of NFT games and would rather play with pure coins and tokens, Coin Hunt World may be the crypto game for you. By using the geo-exploration gaming style of Pokemon GO in the real world, gamers may earn bitcoin by locating keys and unlocking vaults. Following the discovery of a key and vault, the game presents players with a trivia question, awarding them with in-game objects or bitcoin if they correctly answer.

In 2021, players earned a collective $1.5 million and walked a collective 35 million kilometers.

The only tiny disadvantage of Coin Hunt World is that it is only accessible in a select few countries. These are the United States of America, Canada, El Salvador, and the United Kingdom, with the Philippines making an appearance.

Scholarship Axie Infinity

Given the context of this article, it may seem strange to have Axie Infinity on this list.

However, many long-time Axie Infinity players (referred to as Managers) would lend their Axies to fresh starts through the unofficial Axie Infinity ‘scholarship’ option (Scholars). Managers and Scholars will then split the prizes obtained via the Scholar’s play, with players often getting 60% to 70% of the incentives.

Due to the popularity of Axie Infinity as an NFT game, Axie Infinity Scholarships may be difficult to come by, particularly since they need a high level of trust between parties.

Are Free-To-Play No-Fee-To-Entertainment (NFT) Games Too Good To Be True?

As with any part of cryptocurrency, doing your own research and due diligence before to investing in any project is always recommended.

Free NFT games you can earn from

Even though no expenses are required to start these initiatives, there are always dangers or complications that may arise.

Certain free NFT games may heavily depend on random number generators, while others may use pay-to-win techniques to keep the finest assets locked behind paywalls.

Apart from that, depending on the tokenomics and setup of the NFT game, the values of your in-game assets may vary or depreciate rapidly.

Why NFT games are in demand

NTF games are a subset of cryptocurrency games built on the notion of play-to-earn, which implies you may gain real-world value via in-game products and other digital commodities such as non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain technologies.

The NFT technology has created an entirely new paradigm for how the gaming business might move — from free-to-play to a play-to-earn model. This implies that by participating in this kind of game, you may earn real money. For instance, by receiving unique objects as a prize that may be exchanged, bought, or sold later.

That is where NFT solutions come into play, as they enable the creation of several digital products with changeable values, comparable to those obtained from a one-of-a-kind work of art.

To include an NFT into the game’s UI, developers must write special smart contracts that define the NFT’s use restrictions. In a nutshell, they are self-executing bits of code that are stored on a blockchain.

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