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Martial Arts builds leaders! Leaders are created, they are not born. It takes more then just a "personality" to be a leader. Martial Art classes will give your child these much needed skills in today's world.

But how is this possible? My child is shy and a follower!

The way our system is structured, with its belts ranks, as a child progresses they automatically receive more and more responsibility. They are learning to set short term and long term goals, and achieving them! They learn that "rank" is important and must be earned. This gives a great sense of accomplishment and makes them want more. Respecting higher ranking belts is a RULE that must be followed in order to participate and achieve rank promotion. They are then shown how to mentor lower ranks and help them with their practice, all based on what the child knows and is comfortable with teaching someone else.

Communication skills are developed thought these practices. As self esteem grows so does their ability to lead. Egotism is not permitted, student and teachers are never allowed to "show off" thus undermining the self esteem of other. RESPECT is like air to a martial arts dojo.

Leadership is subtly taught using Stephen Covey principles from his book "The 7 habits of Highly Effective People" In fact the first habit is taught almost day one when we teach the habit of "Begin with the end in mind." This is why we speak so often of achieving Black Belt and even Master's levels.

Martial Arts creates LEADERS. All while teaching humility, compassion and kindness. Respecting other and knowing that there is always someone who know more, that you can learn from. Positive roll models in a safe and fun environment!

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