Master Riccardo Pappini - Head Teacher

In the martial arts world you will hear the terms instructor, teacher and coach. Is there a difference??? Yes there is! What is the difference? I will explain further. Which one do you want? The teacher is the highest form of the 3, so you definitely want a teacher. Now I will make a big differentiation here, if you are looking to become a MMA champion, or for your child to become one, you are on the wrong website.

The first in the line is the instructor. What I refer to them as often is professional counters. They are great for drilling people, fitness clubs and places like that. They are often very knowledgeable in their fields and excellent technicians of what they do. The can run you through the ABC's of what you are trying to learn or do.

The second is the coach. The coach is someone who can help you after you have achieved a certain amount of skill. They are the people you need if you are lacking motivation and always need that extra push. Hockey teams have coaches, MMA fighter have coaches. Coaches make champions. Not everyone can be a coach.

Now a teacher is a cut-above. These are people, men and women, dedicated to what they have learned and continue to learn. They have excellent communication skills and are natural leaders! They are leaders who do so by example, not words. They understand how people learn, and thus can communicate the necessary information to the student so that he or she can comprehend it and make it their own. They also posses what coaches do as well, the ability to motivate.

So now you want to have your child learn martial arts? Or perhaps it is something you have always wanted to do all your life? Who do you want passing along this information?? My guess is a teacher! At Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts we have teachers. All certified at what we do and the systems of how we do it!

Give us a call today or drop by our dojo on a Monday or Friday evening and talk to one of our teachers. You can also arrange for 2 FREE Introductory lesson with no obligation to continue if it is not what you are looking for.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Yours in the arts,

Grand Master Art Mason
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