Bullies attack a boy

One of the biggest problems facing not only children of today, but adults too is bullying! The system does not know what to do about it, so the problem is getting worse day by day. One of the biggest problems parents have is they may not even know their child is being bullied!

Now I am not going to make any friends at the school board here, but they are doing NOTHING to solve this issue! Their zero tolerance policy is really a 100% tolerance policy because more often then not, the child being bullied is punished also, and many times the bully is not punished. This is like how Canada handles it's rape cases making the victim the criminal!

Being punished for being bullied is insane! What does this do for your child's self esteem but make them retreat further into themselves and then attracting more bullies, because bullies are cowards who want easy victims! The solution? Come into our school, or give us a call and we will explain in details how we will build your child's self esteem and give them the tools to resolve conflicts peaceful, but also the ability to use force if necessary!

Plus these are skills your child can use throughout their life, self esteem and self image are part of the path to success in our world today!

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Self Confident Kids!  Our program will change your child's life!


Yours in building stronger, more confident kids,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts
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