Bullies hitting a child

The Criminal Code of Canada States YOUR RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE!

Our system is failing YOUR children. The bully problem in Canada and other parts of the western cultures is now out of control! Why it is this way? Because we tolerate it! Now some of you might not agree with that statement, but read further.

Back when my kids were in grade school they adopted a zero tolerance to bullying, and a zero tolerance to violence in the schools. This all sound very nice and fuzzy and in John Lennon's dream world of his song Imagine it would work. But history and time have proven it to be a catastrophe! Why did they adopt this? The bureaucracy of the system is trying to protect its profits! And remember, G12 education is NOT FREE, it is a money making machine, like health care from YOUR TAXES.

Now during this time when my kids were in school my youngest boy Scott was being bullied. He was in grade 2 and this boy was in GRADE 7! Sound familiar to any of you parents? Now Scott was in martial arts and could take care of himself, but these odds were just too high! I went to the principal of the school in South Windsor and told him of the problem, and the boy doing it. The boy was identified by my son Curt in grade 6. In fact he was the one who told me of the problem. The principals first responses was "we don't allow bullying." So I pushed more. Finally he said to me. "What do you want me to do about it?" Well how about YOUR JOB?

I then told the principal not to worry, that I would take care of the issue by having my son Curt beat this boy so that he would remember it for the rest of his life. This grade 7 because he actions were going unchecked, unpunished,  had set his life path in order and nothing was being done to correct it! The principal asked me to have Curt do it off school property! I told him Curt would do in the hall in from of his office! The boys parents were then called and he received a suspension of 2 weeks. The problem for Scott was done, and hope this little brat learned something from it.


Things today have gotten worse!


We as a society keep raising our tolerance to bad situations and this must STOP!!


Both of my boys became BULLY PROOF because of the skills they learning in martial arts classes. Skills like conflict resolution and when is the right time to FIGHT BACK.


Today kids and adults face a world of bullies because they tolerate it and are afraid to fight back. In our alleged education system children who have been bullied are being suspended and treated like criminals when they finally break and do fight back! The bully often gets off Scott free! While the parents who should be responsible are not held accountable for their CHILD'S actions. How bad is that? The bullies are everywhere, the school yard, sports activities, online, the office, everywhere. In Canada we have had two high profile suicides that could have been prevented, because the system FAILED THESES GIRLS!!!

Action needs to be take, so what is the first step? Parents no matter where you are reading this, if your child has a bully problem call a local martial arts school, one that allows you to watch classes and see what they can do for you.


Parents in Windsor, give me a call at 519-551-2228 and lets talk about your situation and how martial arts training can make it better!


Call this number now and say " I won't tolerate my child being bullied any longer!. "



Yours in building strong, confident, happy children,


Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute.