Attention Parents!

There are Thieves Among Us!

They are not stealing your identity or your money!

They are Stealing

Your Child's Self Esteem!



Dear Parents:

My name is Art Mason and I have been helping parents just like you to build their child's self esteem for over 30 years.


Have you seen any of these warning sings of Low Self-Esteem in your child?

  • Walking with her eyes down
  • Doesn’t want to talk about her day at school Reluctant to ask questions at home or at school
  • Doesn’t make new friends easy Would rather stay inside at home and play alone

We live in a wholly negative world, there are more thieves than ever robbing your child of ever needed self-esteem! Wouldn’t you love to see your child prosper and flourish with confidence?

At Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors’ Martial Arts Institute we specialize in helping children just like yours by teaching them Self-Esteem building tools and success skills all through showing them how to kick and punch. You will see your child learn to become an unstoppable force of confidence as she tackles new, exciting and challenging goals

Imagine your child with…

  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Discipline
  • Respect for self and others
  • Better Concentration and Focus
  • Improved Grades Personal Responsibility
  • Improved Fitness

By now you might feel like I am promising a lot!

Come and see how we can raise your child Confidence and Self– Esteem in a positive, friendly environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle for FREE, NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

We Guarantee our program will improve your child’s

Self Esteem and Confidence!


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