What are REAL parents and students of our school saying about our program?


Ivor Chandler

Back in 2008, my son was having some serious issues with bullies at his grade school.  A close friend of mine suggested that I take him to see Grand Master Art Mason; he felt that perhaps training in Martial Arts could give him the confidence to deal effectively with his problems.  Boy, did it!

  My son Ivor got a tremendous lift from his martial arts training.  He developed self confidence, self motivation, discipline, resilience, commitment and many other positive traits while studying under Master Art.  Ivor is now a 2nd dan Black Belt in the Windsor Peaceful Warriors school.

  I greatly enjoyed watching my son in class; he seemed to develop every time he went.  After some time, I decided that perhaps training in Martial Arts under Master Art could help me as well.  Four years ago I took the plunge and started studying.

  I have never regretted my decision.  The benefits I get are somewhat different than my son’s but just as important.  Fitness is more important at my age, and I get that in my twice weekly classes, but I also get my own level of self confidence, and relief from the high level of stress I develop in my career.  I also get a real feeling of family with my fellow classmates, and a sense of accomplishment as I progress through the colour belt system.

I test for my Black Belt this June.

  The rest of my family has seen the benefits and satisfaction I get, so my daughter and now my wife have joined the school.  Both are now yellow belts.  Both are seeing the benefits for themselves now and are enthusiastic students.

  I guess you could say that we have become a “Peaceful Warriors” family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I believe that anyone can benefit from Grand Master Art and Master Scott Mason’s teaching and I encourage you to try it.


Ivor T. Chandler

A proud Hon Sang Mu Sa Hapkido practitioner



"Special Thanks,

I am the mother of a boy, who after many diagnosis from several different doctors, was told my son has a number of behavioral disorders. As heartbreaking as that was to hear and deal with I was so relieved to finally find a place where my son was welcomed and not judged for his disability, but encouraged to thrive beyond expectations.

We tried everything from Cubs, Tee-ball, to city soccer league. While all of them were friendly and tried to work with my son, not one could keep his interest for any period of time. He would loose interest and walk off to do his own thing. He had no focus or ambition for anything he tried.

Then while searching the webs for something to help my son, I came across a website for The Peaceful Warriors'. The name alone made me feel comfort. I set up a meeting with Master Art and his son Master Curt. After talking to them and explaining my son's disorders, Master Art assured me that they were not worried about dealing with my sons unusual behaviors and with a very respectful confidence, he assured me my son would excel in his karate school.

I has been two and a half years since my son joined The Peaceful Warrior's school. He will soon become a Red Belt, is in the Black Belt Club, and on the Demo Team, by his own choice.

In less then three years at this school, my son has grown into a calmer, happier more pleasant person to be around. I believe that this school is more then that, they truly want to see children reach their full potential. They have made such a difference in our lives, they believe it takes a village to raise a healthy well rounded child, and they show it in many ways. The Peaceful Warriors' are always in touch with parents on the progress or need improvements of each child. They even ask for input from the child's grade or high school teachers, before they can advance to another belt.

Please believe me when I say that I tried everything to find  positive outlets for my son's Hyperactive behavior and until I found The Peaceful Warriors' family, I though it was hopeless for my son to ever fit in anywhere.

So in closing, I give my most sincere thanks to the many Masters, instructors and people involved in The Peaceful Warriors' family. You all truly have made a positive difference in my family's lives..."

Sincerely - Claire Dupont, Windsor Ontario


Since my son billy joined the Art Masons Peaceful Warriors, I've seen such a change in him. you guys are great role models for billy. With his disabilities, against all odds.. His karate builds his confidence to help make him assertive and he's inquisitive to learn & achieve high B, to high A average in school.

He's earned the respect of his teachers. And they are proud to have him as a student. It's too bad I can't express that to every parent considering martial arts for their child.

Thankyou just doesn't seem to be enough for all you do and your dedication you show to all your students.

Kara Borshuk


"Both my daughter and I started with Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors' approximately a year and a half ago, with the intention of getting some exercise. It has evolved to much more for both my daughter and I. The discipline and seriousness she had developed in classes became apparent in her everyday activities and school duties. She enjoys attending every class and NEVER says NO to going.

Personally I am most impressed on how approachable both instructors and black belts are since day one. No matter what the rank you hold. The diversity and scope of materials taught keep one's interest in studying for the long run. Every lesson and/or technique is taught with an explanation and/or reason why it is done, therefore allowing the student to develop themselves through understanding what they are doing.

Studying martial arts has become part of our daily lives and that transitions was made easy through the feeling of community at the school. We both look forward to many more lessons and personal achievements in the future."

Bruno Lapico – Windsor


In August 2002 my son were asking if they could join martial arts. After finding Master Art Mason & the Peaceful Warriors' and deciding that it could in fact help my sons, one of which is A.D.D and the other with A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. In September 2002 they started taking classes and being the nosey mother I am, I stayed and watched. I had always wanted to do this but was reluctant. I have been overweight most of my life, but had started to lose weight & by September 1st had lost 30 pounds Well, one evening, while watching my sons, I was asked by Master Scott if I wanted to try a class, with some reservation I decided to try. Who would have thought that 1&1/2 years later, I would be Green Belt with double blue stripe. I would have never imagined!

I have more energy and confidence. I've never been able to stick to any kind of exercise regime, but when you enjoy what you are doing it makes a world of difference. I have met some wonderful people, the instructors are AWESOME, they are always there when you need them!

Martial Art is hard work, but well worth the effort! The more you put into it, the more you get out of it. I could be having a bad day, and then go to class & everything feels better when I leave.

As for my sons, they are doing great & still loving it. My oldest's marks have improved quite a bit ad he is now on the Leadership Team (At the Peaceful Warriors). My youngest has come along way as well. I am very proud of both of them! As for me, I have lost a total of 60 pounds, I know I would not have kept it off if it weren't for going to class.

I would like to say a BIG THANKS to Masters Art, Curt & Scott for always being there, and never giving up on us. I am PROUD to be a Peaceful Warrior!"

Anne Fisher – Belle River


"I had heard alot about Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors program and had talk to friends that had their children involved in the program. My two older sons really wanted to try it and I thought after a while of them asking about it and getting information from others agreed to look into it further for them. After the first class which they were able to try before signing them up officially they loved it. It has now been a year and half since that class. The improvement in their self-esteem is unbelievable. They are always showing compassion for others as well as respect. When people say it helps with school they are not kidding. In my son's case he had trouble with distractability, he now is able to concentrate on the tasks at hand with less problems as he use to. I have recommended this program to many people and am proud of my children's success in and out of school. I look forward to seeing my younger children having the same enthusiasm as their older brothers do."


Marjorie Beaudoin – Belle River


What are other parents saying about us?


"The benefits include an increase in physical fitness, flexibility and perhaps more importantly an increase in self-esteem!"

"Improved Concentration and mental alertness"

"Self confidence and builds a need to excel!"

"The most important benefit of a child taking Martial Arts besides the obvious self-defense & discipline, would be the knowledge that a child can feel confident in making right decisions when the time comes. I feel that if children gain confidence in themselves, they can handle the many situations that life can present to them. I truly believe that MA gives kids the self-confidence that they need."

"The benefits of taking Martial Arts are: self-defense, respect for yourself & for others, self-confidence, self-control, discipline, determination, stress relief & a drug-free lifestyle."

"I feel that it builds self-confidence & teaches my children to take responsibility for themselves."

"I like the changes I see in my children since starting with the Peaceful Warriors."

"Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute stresses the consequential benefits of discipline & self-improvement as opposed to the superficial goals of tournament competition."

"Knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Equal to the elder Korean Master my son had in the US. Superb coaching ability and instructor's choices of subjects to coach on. Overheard a "don't smoke" lesson and was very impressed!"

"Outstanding control over class. Kids behavior reflects the leadership of the masters and instructors!

 "Between my 3 children and myself we have been involved with the peaceful warriors for going on four years now. Martial arts has proven to be very beneficial for all of us. My son is 9 and my daughters are 6 and the amount of discipline and self esteem has increased in all of our lives a great deal. We are learning to use real self defense in real life situations, when and if needed. My children are learning to deal with bullies and to maintain a good self image and esteem. The Instructors of the institution also try very hard to be very involved with our communitee. As a mother of three I highly recommend The Peaceful Warriors martial arts Institute for children and adults of all ages."


Self control, indomitable spirit, courtesy, integrity and perseverance, the 5 tenets the school lives by are evident at every meeting and every interaction between the instructors and the students. Every parent should be happy to see the instructors taking the time to talk about these values, rather than simply concentrating on demonstrating the swiftest take out and disabling technique, leaving the kids to figure out the rest for themselves.

It has indeed been an enjoyable year, not only giving Maria and me an increased level of self confidence and physical well being, but also something to share together as we go forward in our ultimate quest for the black belt."

George Opocensky – Windsor


Dear Master Mason

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and gratitude to you personally and to The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute for the excellent job you are doing in training my sons Kasper and Phillip to be true Peaceful Warriors'.

Ever since my older son joined two years ago, I have noticed tremendous positive influence the Peaceful Warriors' had on him, not only physically - he became stronger, more agile and fit, but also on his attitude towards others as he became more courteous and considerate. And my younger son just could not wait his turn to be able to join. Now both of then enjoy the superior program that you offer.

What convinced me to sign up my sons to The Peaceful Warriors' in the first place, was the message conveyed in the Peaceful Warriors' Mission Statement and just one trial lesson Kasper attended. I realized right away that here he could find just the right training; in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do, realistic self-defense, and also in social skills, without the stress of competition. And I was not disappointed in my expectations.

Let me also stress something else I find exceptional and extraordinary. Art Mason’s Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute not only provides the most professional and dedicated training in the martial arts field, but is also an organization which is active in the community. By organizing social event, charity actions, children get-togethers it simply makes us feel like a big Peaceful Warriors' FAMILY.

I would like to end by saying this: Keep up the outstanding work Peaceful Warriors, your service is a real benefit to both members and the community.



Tom Klimski" - Windsor


What are people saying about our Adult Program?


"It means being a part of something that helps to instill both physical and social values which will benefit those involved as they go though life."

"Enjoying physical activity in a clean, controlled environment, while learning new discipline"

"Learning and obtaining self-discipline"

"Being Peaceful Warrior means I'm a part of a family & friends, in which I respect and cherish each relationship. It means I'm proud of being in an organization of great people, where each person can learn from the next. It means each day is a good day, because each day is a new learning experience. This is what it means to be a Peaceful Warrior to me."

"Being a Peaceful Warrior means that have the skills you need to stand tall & face problems that you encounter through life."

"A Peaceful Warrior means enriching your life through martial arts training & allowing that enrichment to positively appeal those around you. Being a Peaceful Warrior means being a true student of Martial Arts"

"I would just like to say that the peaceful warriors has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Physically, mentally and even emotionally. I am way more confident in all aspects of my life. I am eating better, feeling better and have removed significant amounts of stress from my daily life. Thanks to Master Art and the entire peaceful warriors family for all that they have done for me in my 2 years and I look forward to the positive changes still to come. "

Jeff Simpson - Windsor


I have be blessed with or granted two quality of life altering experiences in my course of existence, well three if you count the "seventies". I would like to share these with you, if I may. They are similar in the fact that they both contribute to the self-defense of a healthy life.

  The first occurred when I entered the door of The Peaceful Warriors Martial School a little over four years ago. I was fifty-seven at the time and my health was poor to say the least. I have had a dozen encounters with a scalpel, which caused the removal of ligaments, cartilage, and bone [ow] , overweight, hair follicle challenged, plus a heart attack.  Bad knees removed the possibility of jogging and tread mills. The Mason's accepted me with open arms[ I had been turned down by a few other schools] and allowed me to progress, with moderation's, and become the fine specimen you all know and love. Arthritic pain went poof, flexibility improved greatly and my cardio genes said ride a bike. remember the non-jogging knees].

     The Mason's form of martial arts is of such a design, that people of any size, shape or AGE are able to learn the art of self-defense to a very high degree. Many parents should consider enrolling along with their children."

Gary Herriot - Windsor




      Hello, my name is Philip Welch, I have had the priviledge of training with Master Mason and Master Curt for about a year and a half. Their dojang (school) is the 4th school that I have trained at. Before coming to The Peaceful Warriors' I had 11 years of martial arts experience, mostly Yoshinkai Aikido.

The Peaceful Warriors' is a very good school. The atmostphere is friendly, yet disciplined. Student safety is always a focus. Master Mason and Master Curt are excellent teachers and kind persons. They have a vast amount of knowledge to share with those who are will to learn.

You have the opportunity to train with the cane, knives and half sticks. Then knowledge of pattern interpretation is amazing. They also teach pressure points and healing. I have also learned some Chi Kung and Tai Chi.

Master Mason and Master Curt challenge you physically and mentally as well. I would highly recommend this school to anyone!"

Philip Welch - Windsor



I have noticed an improvement mentally. Training exercises sharpen the mind, make you more alert and aware of your surroundings, which is essential in avoiding potentially dangerous situations. I have grown spiritually. Physical exercise and open discussions with the instructors reveal what it means to be a Peaceful Warrior, which entails being calm and in control in any situation, to be a leader by example and that our actions affect everything around us.

Lastly I would like to say it has been a great journey so far. My goal is to attain Black Belt. I look at it this way I could sit home and watch television or worry about all the problems in my life or I can make an investment in myself. Improving my health and well being, building self confidence and just being better than I used to be. That is something we should all strive for"!

 Sincerely, Frank Romero




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