What are the top nft games in the Philippines?

What are the top nft games in the Philippines?

When it comes to countries that fully welcome and embrace nft games, the Philippines is one of them. Research shows that Philippians are enjoying the nft gaming world. In fact, from what I gathered, I learned that over 20% of the total population in the Philippines is exposed to cryptocurrency and non-fungible token games. Then, I began to ask myself; why do people embrace nft games like this in this country? I began to compare their result in the gaming world to other countries. Then, I noticed that they are moving at a fast speed compared to other countries. 

According to the current metric by Statista, it was recorded that the Philippines boosted 20% crypto adoption. Can you imagine that? On the grassroots level, the Philippines has become a hotspot for blockchain-powered nft games. No one can suspect how the likes of Axie Infinity and Aliens Worlds have penetrated this nation. One fearful thing is that this country does not have more population than some developed countries, yet they are relevant in the nft gaming world. That’s surprising. Learn more why do you need to play an nft game like axie infinity?

Hence, in this article, I’ll reveal those nft games they love to play in the Philippines. I urge you to follow me closely. You also can play any of these games and add to the population of people playing them in your country. When it comes to nft games, no one can look down on the Philippians. But before we proceed, it is good to have background knowledge. So, I’ll start by explaining what nft games entail. 

What are nft games? 

Nft games are online video games that allow players to earn rewards that can be traded on blockchain technology. That way, players can play games and convert the in-game items generated to be something tangible. You might be wondering how possible this is. There is a cordial relationship or connection between the crypto world and the gaming industries to make the NFTs real and tangible. Now, in-game assets like axies, land, and so on can be sold on blockchain technology. And that is why the Philippians embraced nft games. Today, people cannot stop talking about the contribution of the Philippians to the movement of the nft games and cryptocurrency. 

 Top nft games in the Philippines

  1. Aliens World: The number of people playing this nft game in the Philippines is beyond expression. In the Philippines alone, Aliens World has up to seven hundred and fifty-nine thousand six hundred users. Can you imagine that? Now, how can you also benefit from this game? Let me give you a brief detail about its gameplay. The alien world is an nft metaverse that allows players to play with exceptional digital items like NFTs. This unique game was launched in beta form in 2020. Since then, this fantastic game has up to 3.6 million active players. So, all these players build, govern, and explore the virtual universe of seven planets. In this unique nft game, players can get digital items like NFTs to mine Trilium. Also, players can acquire NFTs to fight and complete in-game tournaments. Players can buy and gather non-fungible tokens that suit their gameplay, depending on the tactics. Furthermore, users are incentivized to contest for TRM tokens. It is that TRM they’ll use to control competing planet DAOs. 
  1. Axie Infinity: With the Philippines population, Axie Infinity has 602,210 active users. What is Axie Infinity? This unique online video game is a Pokémon-inspired digital pet universe. It is built on the ETH blockchain, where players can earn rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. In Axie Infinity, players can raise and create land-based kingdoms for their pets. Pets are called axies. Every player will need three pets to have access to play Axie Infinity. In the first stage, axies are dealt with cards. And this is based on the axies body parts. Therefore, it is expedient for players to select the cards that maximize their chances of winning, and they also need to forestall the cards their opponents will play. If you win the game, you’ll be rewarded with SLP tokens. You can use the SLP tokens for breeding axies and gaining other in-game items. Furthermore, you’ll be rewarded with AXS too. AXS can be used for taking, and it can be used to partake in governing voting and other payments. 
What are the top nft games in the Philippines?
  1. Splinterlands: The Philippians have an outstanding record of active players playing this game. Presently, there is nothing less than five hundred and ninety-seven thousand, nine hundred and eighty active players playing Splinterlands in the Philippines. This unique game is a popular play-to-earn card game built on the HIVE blockchain. In this game, players can fight monsters to earn rewards. In Splinterlands, there is much gameplay. Also, the gameplay in this game includes; quests, ranked play, and tournaments. Two hundred and eighty-three cards join together to improve stats and gain strength. Also, these cards can be used to beat opponents. It is expedient to know that each card belongs to a certain fraction. You need to learn more about this game. Splinterlands features two currencies which are SPS and DEC. What else are you waiting for? I assure you that you will never regret investing your effort and time playing Splinterlands. 
  1. MOBOX NFT Farmer: This unique game is a platform where P2E gaming and Defi join to form GameFi. MOBOX is the highest-ranking non-fungible token game on the Binance Smart Chain. This nft game offers several products like optimized yield farming and non-fungible token games such as a token master. In this game, players can earn MBOX tokens via a range of games accessible in TradeAction. So, the games on TradeAction are SimpleTrade, LeverageMania, and Bull vs. Bear. The great news is that all these three games are free to join. With these games, players can have fun and learn how to trade their crypto rewards. 

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